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Recorded Courses are virtual programs with comprehensive support that open new doors for students and trainers. Recorded Courses are popular because it works with the greatest advantage of online education, the ability to get your learning done on your own time. It provides a plethora of advantages to students with a passion for excellence.

Flexibility – Being an asynchronous course in nature, enormous flexibility is available to students. The course is suitable for all, whether you are homebound, seeking dual credit, working full or part-time, or participating in any other activities.

Replay – Recorded courses give a scope to replay a portion or entire content as many times with no limits. Thus, nothing is missed.

MOOC - Massive Open Online Course is a buzzword for the world today. 

Four Quadrants - The courses hosted take care of the 4 quadrants –

Quadrant-1, E-Content through recorded videos
Quadrant-2, E-Material
Quadrant-3, E-Assessment tests and quizzes
Quadrant-4, E-Query handling 

Steps have been taken to enrich the learning experience by using audio-video and multi-media and state of the art pedagogy / technology.